Favorite Gripping strategy?

Could some of you please give me some advice on what type of Grip I should be looking for when I first lock up with an opponent. I usually just do the standard Collar and sleve grip but I wonder what you think I should grab first, collar or sleve? I am right handed but like to throw to the left as well.

I am wondering if someone could give examples of the type of strategy you employ when looking for a grip and what you try to prevent your opponent from doing.



You are entering into a very complex and dynamic area particular to Judo. Once you enter, you may not be able to find your way out. lol

It is, in a way, where judo begins. Everything you do in judo, whether technically, tactically or strategically begins and ends with 'grips.'

Listen closely.......The ONE thing you really need to know to be a good, (no great) gripper is........
........computor crashes....all data lost! lol

Many years ago, as a brown belt, I randoried with an older National Champion (CAN) whom I could not budge. I was faster, heavier, and better looking. But his gripping nullified every positive I had. My best throws became impossible to use. I remember seeing the ceiling alot that afternoon. Beautifily tiled mosaic, with a neat track lighting system. The contractor did some nice work.

I have his number if you'd like. Very reasonable rates too.

"Remember the ONE thing" he whispers sagely.

That's just silly.

I am an average gripper, at best, so I defer to the guys on here with 'grips of steel.'

Here's a neat example that conveys nicely, what I have been getting at.

A few years back, Punk Dobbs, or punky, as I like to call him, was late for work. In his impulsiveness and haste, he neglected to fully unlock the driver-side door before reefing on the handle. BIG MISTAKE!

With one hand (as he had a double chai latte in the other) he completely, though accidently, ripped the door off its hinges. Yes, thats right! Completely off its hinges.

Still in haste, and now panicking, he tossed it aside (possibly in a corn field), and actually drove to work with the vehicle in that state of disrepair.

Now, here's where the story gets weird, or weirder (as the case may be).

Mr. Dobbs, or Punky, was seen two weeks later, driving the same old ford, with the door STILL missing. Now this was February remember. To his credit though, he was also observed wearing mittens and one of those little woolen caps with the top tassel and ear flaps. Steaming latte in the cup tray next to him, singing along with the radio. I think it was Shania Twain's "man I feel like a Women."
Something like that. I can't be expected to remember all the details.

"remember....the ONE thing."

you grab whichever is harder for you to control first.

some people are great at getting the lapel and then getting the sleeve
with only 1 hand. but most are not very good at it and should use a 2-
on-1 to controll the sleeve first. reason being, the sleeve moves around a
lot more than the lapel and his lapel isnt what is going to control you, his
hand will. if you controll the sleeve first, you control his hand and then
you can go about getting the easy grip.

naturally, all of this goes right out the flippin window when you are left v

Thanks a lot for the help guys. That seems very practical now that you explain it Joshua.

When you do the Dimello, assuming you will grab your opponents right leg, how do you get around his right arm which should have your collar if you have his?



Your welcome.

Despite being drunk, I can only imagine that I have been nothing but helpful with regards to gripping, and gripping related matters.

If you need me, I'll be at Moe's.

Brilliant work, Ashy. I can only imagine what conversing with you in person is like.


What´s your gripping strategy left vs right Joshua?

Ouch, direct, biting sarcasm.

To answer your non-question, in person, my goal is only to gently make people smile. But humour is like walking a tightrope. You stay on, and you are a genius. Fall to the left, a lunatic. To the right, a fool.

Staying on is the tricky part.

But, in reality, I do not care to be a genius, lunatic, or fool. People smiling alittle is the goal.

My work is done here (albeit poorly).

Take care,

Interesting take on that, Ashy. I wasn't being sarcastic.


Very, very sorry Ben,

A little projection on my part, to be sure. Being offensive is the last thing I want to do.

If I can lighten someone's load, however briefly, with a laugh, then great. If I've burdened someone further with an insult, then I have completely, and utterly, failed.

With God's help, I'll get it straight.



"I am right handed but like to throw to the left as well. "
Be a right handed fighter, if that's what you are. Have one throw, two at most, that go the other way, but do them off of a right handed grip. That way, your gripping sequences are always the same and you can be very disciplined with it.

"Could some of you please give me some advice on what type of Grip I should be looking for when I first lock up with an opponent."
Depends on your throws, if you are a seionage specialist, I don't think you would want a strong over the back grip.

i shoulda checked this thread earlier. ashy in high form once again. bravo lad. bravo!

Sorry Josh,

I'm back on my meds again. Everything is going to be
a-l-r-i-g-h-t! lol


Just saw this thread. I control the lapel first and then bat away the sleeve if I want to do ippon seoi. If I'm thinking a two hand technique, I do the two on one to get the sleeve, then circle towards the trapped sleeve until I get the lapel.

Also, I'd like it to be known that I don't drink lattes or any other frilly coffee drink. If I drink coffee, I get a cheap one from a convenience store and drink it black. I do wear a hat with earflaps though. I've seen the nicer versions with tassels but can't justify the extra expense.

"if you controll the sleeve first, you control his hand and then you can go about getting the easy grip."


luckily I'm a lefty and I rarly have to worry about grip! :-D many time I'll let him grab the collar and I'll just swim under for my own collar grip and pimp him right out and he'll be out of place or even better, completely caught in a transition, as I'm attempting my throw.

LOL @ but can't justify the extra expense.

Sorry Punk D., KKM was asking about gripping, and I wanted to illustrate how strength can play a role. But, how I went from that, to you grip fighting with your car is beyond me.

The hat, with earflaps was easy, as it indicated your unwillingness to cowtoe to modern trends in fashion. The coffee was used to illustrate your stubborn refusal to allow a significant setback, (losing your car door) from keeping you from enjoying the little things in life.

I only hope that I have not disfiqured your character too badly. lol

turns away, pumps fist, knowing full well that the portrayal was dead on

p.s. I also hoped you liked my use of the word "cowtoe." It is very difficult to slip in to modern conversation. I hope it made you feel at home. LOL

i like the 5-on-2 grip against lefties.

is anybody here left handed and in need to a lift?

I AM, and I DO, but my ovaries are killing me just now.

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