Favorite IFL fight

For me its gotta be ryan schultz vs chris hotodecki (sp?). My god the way he trapped his arms and just let him have it with undefended blows to the face was a thing of beauty. And horodecki was (unstoppable) at the time. Kind of looked like child abuse though Phone Post

Which was your favorite YAMMA fight?

Fuck YAMMA. Stay on topic. You do remember the IFL right? Phone Post

Yeah. I do. Teams and shit. Atlantic City. My bad.

The team concept didnt work out but they had some good fights no? Phone Post

Silverbacks all looked like such beasts back then

Dan Millers guillotine was nasty. Phone Post 3.0

Was it Dan Miller that choked a guy and almost ripped his head completely off? Seems like a remember a really nasty guillotine where the fighters head and neck was at an angle that was nearly inhuman.

Roy Nelson vs Rothwell!

Team Fat Kid Phone Post 3.0

mine was a dan miller fight but i dont remember the opponent...just looked it up,he beat ryan mcgivern by kneebar

Benji radach was a beast in the ifl too Phone Post

I still have my Toronto Dragons jersey.


Portland wolfpack ftw Phone Post

Plus they had masters fights. Renzo vs. Militech, lindland vs newton and the like. It wasnt the best promotion but we need something like that still. Its all gone Phone Post

3 words:

The Polish Hammer

Got destroyed by ryan schultz Phone Post

Second on the Schultz vs. Horodecki

Also -

teamquestnorth - 

Got destroyed by ryan schultz Phone Post

Everyone loses, what's your point?

Jamal patterson was a beast!! But he always choked out horwich. Whatever happened to that dude? Seemed like he had real potential Phone Post