favorite thing about war machine

hes not afraid to be himself. number 1 fan here

I'm pulling for him. He had a WAR tonight.

you cant help but love the guy.

/\ love him? /\



He is a lock for more fights with Dana for sure.


He has to slow down with the F-bombs on Spike live though, lol.



I pull for this guy everytime. He has some underdog thing that speaks to me.

yeah cool the way he had that much respect for J Roc afterwards when he was just about crying because he wanted them both to get a win on the finale.

War Ma Chine!

Great fight. He seems to be a bit fucked in the head, but showed great heart tonight.

Great fight!

Mental issues aside.

He is true warrior that fights with real heart

Great showing tonight!

Machine has worked hard to get where he's at and his display of emotion might have been due to the feeling he knows he finally belongs somewhere... in the UFC.

IMO, War has a great base on which to build a solid future in this sport.


"Favorite thing about war maching" ... he's hot lol.

I was suprised crowd was chanting his name.

of course the vegas crowed chanted for him, he used to train at cobra kai and with dewy cooper before moving to san diego with undisputed.

ttt war machine! too much heart!

I'm impressed that he managed a guard sweep. Sweeps that aren't just escapes almost NEVER happen. The second he got mount, he threw down and made it happen. You've got to respect the way he won. He might not be a "skill" guy, but the finish was surgically smooth.

He's definitely not afraid to be himself. And he has absolutely no ego. Respek!

"I pull for this guy everytime. He has some underdog thing that speaks to me."

Ditto. Same reason why I like Von Flue and Cummo.

Id rather watch him in a ppv than Rashad or Kosh-tuck.