Favourite Combos!

Hey I know the ol' one-two works great but this is a kickboxing forum, the least you can do is add in a good old shin kick =P.

Lefthooker- the hammer fist you use the bottom part of the fist to hist where with a back fist you can use the middle knuckle, first two knuckles or the top part of the back fist (taking into consideration a glove is worn, without gloves give u abit more options when using the backfist technique). Method of delivery is basically the same. The only reason I prefer the hammer fist is it translates well with the knifefighting techniques I've been taught.

Also the reason why I use the backfist/hammer fist to follow up the jab is my teacher's striking differs from typical boxers. When a jab is thrown instead of the rear hand covering the right side of the face, it is brought over to cover front and left side of the face. This serves two purposes. First is better defence when someone simultaneously attack you with a jab or left hook against your jab. Second is power generation where it helps to give the jab an extra umph by helping to focus the twist. Because of the rear hand positioning, the backfist/hammer fist becomes a more natural follow up rather than the right cross.

Heres a few that I have picked up over the years.

  1. Left Jab, Right Cross, Right Body/High Roundhouse Kick - Works like a charm if you have the timing down.

  2. Right Hook, Left Roundhouse kick - Deadly when the hook puts him on the ropes and gives room for a head kick.

  3. Left Jab, Left inside low kick - Bastard for giving your oponent something to think about. Does he defend the jab and get kicked or take the jab and get kicked anyway?

  4. Left Uppercut, Right Cross. Opponent reacts with a hook, you layback (just lean back out of the way), use the layback to set up a right roundhouse to the body/head - I love this combo.

More later.


ttt, surely there are more people with favourite combos than this!


Combinations we do at my gym include:

  • Left Jab, Right Cross, Right spinnin Back Elbow.
  • Left Jab, Right Elbow.
  • Left Jab, Right Hook, Clich, 1-2 knee.
  • Jab, Cross, Left Knee/Right knee.


I like to teach these following combo's:

1. jab-cross-roundhouse kick

2. jab-cross-clinching (or non-clinching) straight knee

3. jab-cross-hook

4. jab-uppercut-hook-cross

5. hook-cross-hook

6. uppercut-hook (same side)

7. roundhouse kick-push kick

8. push kick-roundhouse kick

9. push kick-roundhouse kick-clinching straight knee

That's just off the top of my head...

Khun Kao

Jab, cross, left round kick.

Jab, cross, left hook, right round kick.

Left round kick, spinning right back kick.

Jab, right spinning backfist.

Hook to the body, hook to the head.

These are a few of my favorite things.


Just saw the favourite combos thread in Boxing, it was very interesting. Thought with the Muay Thai, Sanda/Sanshou and kickboxing people we have here, we can come up with even more interesting combos! Don't have to be your most effective combos, just as long as you like it or you feel it has potential.

I'll start off

Jab, rear backfist/hammer fist*, left hook

Backfist, right cross, left hook

Backfist, right cross, backfist, left hook

Backfist, right cross, rear low shin kick, backfist

Backfist, lead low shin kick

Jab, spinning back fist**, rear shin kick

* commonly use rear backfist but hammer fist can be substituted because of similar mechanics.

** spinning back fist ends one in southpaw stance if one is orthodox stance so the rear shin kick is left leg.