FCC this weekend!

This coming weekend sees the 17th edition of Dave Strasser's FREESTYLE COMBAT CHALLENGE, one of the midwest's longest running shows. Promoter Dave Strasser, a UFC veteran, comments 'This weekend our show returns to the Coliseum in Racine, Wisconsin. We have competitors from American TOP TEAM, Serrano's Gym in MIlwaukee, Henry Matamoros gym, Duneland Vale Tudo as well as several fighters from the Iowa scene featured on the card, and the card is one of our strongest yet'.

Matchmaker Miguel Iturrate states 'Adrian Serrano versus Emyr Bussard is a match that has the local star in a tough bout - Emyr is 4-1 the FCC, and Adrian is one of the area's most enduring stars. Local fighter Solomon Hutcherson, who has a reputation as a real scrapper, takes on the 'Iron Man', Travis Fulton in another appealing match. The card also features main stays Nick Thompson and Ron Faircloth of Strasser's Freestyle Academy. Faircloth is heading to the February Euphoria event, and Thompson is coming off a big tournament win at the FFC. The complete card appears below.'

205 LBS: Ron Faircloth (Strassers Freestyle Academy, Racine, WI) versus Joe Stahl (Freelance, IA)

185 LBS: Nick Thompson (Strassers Freestyle Academy, Racine, WI) versus Jessie Chilton (Palmer's Gym, Indianapolis, IN)

185 LBS: Adrian Serrano (Serrano's JJ, MIlwaukee, WI) versus Emyr Bussard (ATT, Ft Lauderdale, FL)

HVWTS: Travis Fulton (Freelance, IA) versus Solomon Hutcherson (Freelance, Milwaukee, WI)

170 LBS: John Geraghty (Strassers Freestyle Academy, Racine, WI) versus Justin Wisniewski (Duneland VT, Portage, IN)

185 LBS: Mark Miller versus Francisco Soares (ATT, Ft Lauderdale, FL)

205 LBS: Bob Gerrits (Matamoros JJ, Milwaukee, WI) versus Jed Boulware (Freelance, IA)

155 LBS: Tommy Lee versus TBD

HVWTS: Warren Kikaba (Strassers Freestyle Academy, Racine, WI) versus Brandon Quigley (Freelance, IA)