FCF Radio with Wombat, Alvarez, Hart and Gill

Don't miss an all new episode of Full Contact Fighter radio, poorly hosted by myself Jeff "Wombat" Meszaros.

In the latest episode, we talk with Eddie Alvarez about his upcoming fight at Dream with Tatsuya Kawajiri, as well as with Kultar "Black Mamba" Gill about his next fight vs. Jaochim "Hellboy" Hansen. Also also, we talk with soon-to-be UFC fighter Dale Hart about his big shot in the octagon, and whether he would fight a bear.

Visit http://fcfradio.fcfighter.com/ to download and enjoy. Remember, if you want to call me names or ask me a question, you can do so at wombat@fcfighter.com

Thursdays show will feature Josh Barnett, Reese Andy and Jake O'Brien ...