FCFF in Portland, OR tonight

Rumble at the Roseland is in Portland tonight at the Roseland theatre. I recommend checking it out if you're in the area, they always put on a good show. It's an amateur event. The main event is between 2 big KO punchers, Delon Williams and Larry "Pup" Vandervort.

Pup was the original FCFF big punching heavyweight, and Delon is the new breed. Chances of someone getting KO'd in this one are EXTREMELY high. Delon especially has put together an impressive string of KO's...in fact his KO record is one of the most impressive things I've ever seen in any combat sports. His record is 3-1...the lone loss was to a wrestler named Devin Cole who took him down and kept him there. But his 3 KO's were all by ONE PUNCH. His first 2 fights he literally threw one punch in the fight (one of them a jab), and in both fights his opponent was down and out for quite some time. We're talking SCARY power. His most recent fight was a KO win over Trent Standing, who's got a rep around here for having a terrific chin. It was a very cautious fight with neither guy really doing anything for the first couple minutes, a lot of circling and a lot of clinching. But when Delon finally threw his first punch that connected, it was lights out once again. Can he keep the streak alive and KO Pup with one punch?

The rest of the card looks like this:

Ian Loveland vs Jason Georgianna

Andrew Pederson vs Kyle Keeney

160 Carl Hendrickson vs. Barry Holmes
180 Cody Bras vs. Jason Berger
160 Loyal Newman vs. Bryan Brittle
205 Darrell Cutler vs. Wayne Miller
HWT Josh Bennett vs. Melville Calabecca
175 Ryan Quiroz vs. Steve Rogers
HWT Roland Graham vs. Trent Standing
155 Keisuke Andrew vs. Elijah Fay
205 Mike Vega vs. Andrew Williams
140 Chris Klier vs. Dave Kohn
165 Jeremiah Bitz vs. Dwayne Brittle

ill be there supporting the SBG guys! delon vs pup should be good!

I'm headed out pretty quick to go to the fights. I'll give a recap when I get back.

I am interested to see how Delon does, TTT.