F'd situation for N. Diaz?

After GSP is injured bad and I think Nick is mad. This shit is just a sort of lose-lose situation for Nick. We all know GSP-Diaz will never happen again.. maybe after 2 years or something.
Nick has now a fight against Condit, and that must be irrating him, cuz at UFC 137 he had the fight with GSP but then there was an injury (also his own foul, to not show up at the press), he gets another opponent and smashes him trough the cage. Now he had an title-shot, but again the fight is not gonna happen.. and so, he has to fight Condit?

Isn't this a f'd situation for him? If he loses against Condit, he lost his title-shot.. if he wins he just wins the fucking interim belt (I hope that he smashes the belt to the ground and screams: 'where you at george')... and so people will say that he still didn't beat GSP and isn't the real champion.

So my point is: Sad for Diaz, not?


Come with arguments bro.