Fear Factor/Dave Chapelle

Joe Rogan I just wanted to say that was funny as hell man. I am a fan of the Chapelle show and when you did a skit with him it rocked big time.

Any chance of ever having a fear factor with the UFC? Maybe you can have each contestant wrestle Lidell or see how long they last with him in the cage? Now that would be some true FEAR FACTOR :).

I thought this thread was about Fear Factory. Shucks.


Any chance of ever having a fear factor with the UFC?

In a article in either Black Belt or Grappling (can't remember which) Joe said he wanted to do a challenge with JJ Machado. How long can you last before he chokes you out or bends a limb backwards?


This episode was a good one with the fear factor twist into it. My bad for misleading you bro.

Awsome Willybone it would be nice to see that as well. On a flipside it would be cool if they snuck a talented black belt with JJ who could give him a run for his $$ .

"Somethin you dont know about me Joe Rogan...I smoke rocks"

Adam, we just finished the fighters dorm, why don't you and the guys come visit with us and train for a while, don't worry I got you and your two nutty friends, and you know who I mean!!!