Feb Free $$$ Fight Training NJ

I am offering free fight training and sparring to anyone interested in comming by.

Classes are
Tuesday 7:00pm
Thur 11:30am
Thur7:00 pm
262 Franklin Turnpike
Mahwah Nj 07430

Sat 10 am thru 11:30
In Bergen county Boxing
111 Spring Street in Ramsey
Saturday class is in a boxing gym we have access to a ring

The reason I am doing this is two fold expose people to the Burmese arts and also I have a couple guys getting ready for events  one has a really big MMA fight and they can use the extra training/sparring partners they can get.
If you are getting ready for something or just want to train like you are c'mon by I promise a good workout and a cool atmosphere
People can learn some Burmese Boxing or Naban ( grappling) or train for MMA

It will also give you a chance to work out with people who play a differnt game than your own.

We are located in Northern NJ, the town of Mahwah in Bergen county right on the Rockland NY Border

This is open to everyone


one of the guys fighting MMA

Burmese boxing

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Good luck to your guy.

TTT for Mr. Generous!

Philanderer are you a friend of Eddie Rolon ?

Neck what I don't say is that pay with sweat and pain. it ain't about the money it's about the suffering


We are hoping to see this on the 26th 



It figure's they would start free training AFTER i moved away from jersey.....crap....

Suimaru that's the way things allways work out for me too.
We have had some cool guys stop buy and some great sessions. Plus I am a great human heavy bag

Phil, tell John to train VERY hard... I've heard from several different sources that To Be Announced guy is tough as nails.

ttt for Phil helping out freeloaders such as myself...

TBA is the tough but he allways seems to back out before the fight.

I just like training guys who want to get better.

Hugo problem is as I age my appetite decreases

The standup sparring on Sat has been great we have a couple good boxers that come by including a good pro


We had some great training this week. To the guys that came by I enjoyed training with you


I always have loads of fun when I go up there; thanks again Phil! BTW, I just dropped off the film, I'll have the pics in the mail early next week.

Are those tattoos, or some weird tribal scars?!

you are allways welcome at the school, It's funny how many great people you meet fighting.

They are tatoos I certain regiuns the tatoos on the legs and back become quite elaborate they protect from evil sperits and bring good fortune. Some tribes in the past actually poured molten gold into parts of the tatoo