Fedor back in Inoki show

Meltzer broke the news earlier this morning...

Fedor Emelianenko is back in against Nagata for Inoki's 12/31 New Year's show. I have no idea what DSE plans to do about it. This was done after Ray Mercer failed to show up in Japan. He was supposed to headline the card against Fujita.

I'm stunned that the Japanese orgs do business this way. It's amazing shows go on at all.

It's pretty amazing.

Who's a bigger draw: Nagata or Fedor? Is that why they're now headlining?

Nagata is very big in Japan, something of a Chris Benoit-type technical wrestler. Cro Cop knocked him silly a couple of years ago.

I imagine it's a pretty big marquee match there. Fedor will kill him.