Various sources have speculated for the past few weeks that Fedor Emelianenko, highly regarded as the top fighter in the world, had agreed to fight in St. Petersburg, Russia for mixed martial arts upstart BodogFight. Fedor's signing has now been confirmed.

A report by Sherdog.com editor Josh Gross has sited sources within the BodogFight front office as confirming that Fedor Emelianenko has indeed signed to headline their March 3rd fight card.

With a clause in Fedor's contract with Pride allows him to fight in his home country of Russia, regardless of the promoter, initial speculation was that this would be a one-time deal. According to Gross that may not be so, "One Bodog source indicated that the well-financed company intends to sign Fedor to a long-term deal." His fight on New Year's Eve against Mark Hunt is the final fight on his contract, leaving him free to reconsider his long-term options.

After losing their network television deal earlier this year, losing Fedor would be another big blow to the Pride Fighting Championships. One that they don't need as they are trying to make inroads into the Ultimate Fighting Championship's dominance in the U.S. market.

Both Gross' report and independent MMAWeekly.com sources indicate that Fedor's likely opponent for the March 3rd show is former UFC heavyweight contender Jeff Monson.

fuckin pride

going down the toilet

ufc should move on this ASAP

"ufc should move on this ASAP"

Move on what? Bombing the Bodog fight site?

Fedor doesn't sign long term deals. He signs 1 fight deals.

He also makes no sense for the UFC... they have nobody for him to fight.

Unlike Bodog. I'd rather see Fedor/Arlovski, Fedor/Sylvia, Fedor/Vera than Fedor/Pele.

Dana needs to get his head out of his ass and get Fedor signed ASAP if he really is a free agent.

feodr going to ufc will be the death touch to pride

I think UFC and Dana are doing fine.  If you focus on chasing and zigging and zagging and worrying about every move of the competition you won't maintain the lead.

I think Dana learned from his IFL bickering that acknowledging the others strategies and new ideas only strengthens the competitions positions.  And going head to head with Calvin Ayre isnt a wise choice considering Ayre has a monster bankroll  to burn.  (Dana would definitely kick Calvins ass  in a fight though......lol)

"Fedor vs Monson? why in the hell?"

exactly, I mean good luck to Monson and all, but..pffft.




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746th Richest person in world as per Forbes.....

If Ayre runs Bodog fights as a hobby, it'll be CRAAAZY.

A billionaire willing to spend any amount to see fights he wants? Wow.

Unfortunately, that's basically how the Fertitas and the IFL guys started out. Now they're trying to be financially responsible.


All these small MMA orgs are stealing 1 or 2 good fighters to lead thier Org but then it leaves the stars with out anyone to fight.

Rampage is sitting in the WFA with no one to fight. I like the competition but I still want to see the best fight the best.