Fedor Emelianenko HL Video

I'm not sure if this has been posted here or not yet but my God is it good.


Sonester Sambo - Fedor must have the record for most fan made highlight vids.

 We have the privelege of getting to watch live the most dominant champion the sport has ever seen.

fuckin arlovski. Guy should have beat him.

Arlovski was all over him until Fedor blindly swung and caught arlovski in the beard and dropped him like a sack of cow shit.

What a beast

ttt for later

Arlovski enjoyed like 30 seconds of success....not even anything HUGE before he got BRUTALLY KO'd in the 1st....and the haters swear he was seconds away from beating the best MMA fighter of all time. LOL

ttt for the king of mma