Fedor Emelianenko meets the FDNY - Wednesday, Augu

Fedor Emelianenko meets the FDNY - Wednesday, August 26th 2009



seems like a contrived attempt at getting anyone in the tri-state area to give a shit about Fedor. The FDNY has become the #1 marketing vehicle to "get over" someone with the general public around here.

I like Fedor, I like Strikeforce, but for some reason this just doesn't seem natural to me.

God damn, Fedor needs to get away from Jerry Millen as fast as he possibly can.

i do hope that fedor gets back to training seriously after this and doesn't have to do all of this promotional stuff while rogers is hungry in the gym.

I already see where this is going:

A - Fedor wins and everyone goes "Fedor is the man". Which is fine, because he is. This will then be followed by certain individuals flaming the board against "the people who didn't believe in the power of Fedor".

B - Fedor gets smashed, flash KO'ed, or beaten in some fashion. We then get flamed by "Fedor was too busy doing promotional work and didn't have a fair amount of time to train."

Just leave it for what it is. Don't place blame or worry about his training. He's the #1 heavy in the world, no excuses or concerns neccessary.

i'm not setting up excuses...i'm saying rogers is legit and that would be a foolish move on fedor and strikeforce's part.