Fedor gifting his track suit to Chael


Respect on is name

Respect. Dignity. Honour. Arguably the greatest fighter of all time. 

And is a Christian. Stark contrast to last weeks ‘victor’. 

Bad ass

Fedor is the most honorable and respected fighter on this planet.

What a lovely chap

For later.

Fedor looked like his old self.

Fedor is the true empbodiment of sportsmanship.

CRE - Fedor looked like his old self.

He really did. I think it's because we got to see at least a handful of grappling exchanges and his gnp looked like of old. 

I noticed he smashed Chael witha  couple more very hard clean shots standing as well that passed by teh commentary. There was one right to teh temple with his whole body behind it about 4/5ths through that Chael just ate. 

Was a cool fight

What a good, humble dude. Cool moment.

MMA Playwright wasn't the only one getting track suits yesterday lol


Fedor is the most honorable and respected fighter on this planet.

That's pretty hard to dispute. Even if you don't like Fedor as a fighter I don't see how anyone could dislike him as a person. Just seems like such an all around great guy. 

CRE - Fedor looked like his old self.

Saw some glimpses that made me recall the crazy punches immediately followed by tossing Big Nog onto his butt right after.  I admit he is really sloppy these days but he threw Chael around like he was nothing and they are equal in size really, Chael is an inch taller, Fedor has more fat and less than 10lbs weight difference.  

His cardio was very suspect and he's gonna have to improve that drastically to have any chance to beat Bader.  But it was nice seeing him beat Mir and Chael...

So cool.  Love Fedor


Chael should give fedor the Apollo creed outfit

Did Chael say his son will love it?  That is an awesome keepsake!

touch -

Dammit I want a Russian tracksuit lol