Fedor, GSP, Hughes instructional vids

 So, I had never seen Matt Furey grapple, so I was looking for some vids of him. I came across a video of his on what appears to be a japanese youtube channel. Everything is in japanese, so I don't know how to embed. Anyway, I came across a couple of videos that I had never seen. I'm sure they may not be new to some on here, but for those who haven't....enjoy. I've never seen some of these on american youtube.


this video is fedor training for a 2004 Pride fight. It's funny how primitive his training was.....at about the 27:00 mark in the video, it appears they threw some mats down in someone's house and that's where he trained his grappling.....he was super quick on the ground back then. Nothing is in english in the video.


fedor seminar. it's in russia, but it has english subtitles.....pretty cool stuff.


another fedor seminar in france......no english.


matt hughes instructional video


GSP instructional


another GSP instructional

There's more on the site

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Anyone know when GSP came out with instructionals?