Fedor - "He is man baby"

Enough said....LOL

I was shocked Fedor would actually say "The sore loser Lindland, he is man baby". ROFL

I guess Lindland was right when he said Fedor holding the ropes was big.

wheres this interview i gotta see that..

link us kid

"11:26 p.m. It's Fedor's turn to speak. "The sore loser Lindland, he is man baby," declares the champ. With his prize money, he plans on buying a bigger hamster to run the wheel that powers his furnace. Furthermore, his children will be able to attend school indoors. The crowd cheers. "

It's a joke...


2005 - fairly squarely

2006 - Steak and chicken

2007 - Man baby

Let the good times roll !

oh well it would of been good

Dont forget about "Penis Rascal"..when Fedor was backstage seeing his brother getting KOed vs Mirko.

I love the UG's sources

He didn't say it. :( Jake Rossen should retire IMO.

"He didn't say it. :( Jake Rossen should retire IMO."

Just for injecting a bit of humor? I thought it was pretty funny.

Plus it's good to laugh at people like Excalibur23 who for some reason thought it was a legit translation...