Fedor in a new advertising

Fedor in a new advertising Mercedes.

haha.. Nice

Thanks 4 posting this Igor

That is similar to the old samsonite suitcase and the gorilla! Phone Post 3.0

Wickedly cool Phone Post 3.0

I wonder if Russians think of WW2 when buying cars? LOL

cool vid

That is awesome!

Not the first time for Fedor


perfect getaway driver.

Hahaha this is awesome, VTFU op Phone Post 3.0

TSIGOR, good to see you posting on here again! Welcome back and thanks for sharing the video.

VU op.

I hate commercials.

Except for that one.


ttt Phone Post 3.0

Good one Phone Post

I love seeing fedor in anything! Phone Post 3.0

GOAT commercial


Its actually pretty sweet. Fuck kind of miss Fedor. But good that he is enjoying live. Phone Post 3.0