Fedor on fighting Brock: Anything is possible

Fedor on fighting Brock: Anything is possible

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There a several superfights within the realm of possibility, including GSP vs. Anderson Silva, and Anderson Silva vs. JDS. One fight seeminly outside the realm of possibility is Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brock Lesnar.

For that to happen, a couple of unlikely things have to happen:
1. Brock has to re sign with the UFC.
2. Fedor has to sign with the UFC.

Given the recent meeting between Brock and UFC management, there appears to be interest on both sides, so #1 could happen.

In order for Fedor to sign with the UFC, two things, at least, have to happen:
1. The UFC has to want to sign Fedor.
2. Fedor has to want to sign with the UFC.

Inside MMA is reporting that the UFC remains interested in signing Fedor.

Inside MMA ?@InsideMMAHDNet
Sources have told me the UFC is still interested in signing Fedor Ememlianenko. Personally I think he stays retired - @rkruck

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Now Fedor is saying it is not impossible.

Fedor was asked if the constant questions about his retirement had any bearing on his decision. Not according to ex-PRIDE champion. According to Fedor, it was just time.

No, I'm not tired of the questions," said Fedor. "There are actually going to be more of the questions. People will accept my decision. They gotta understand that it's my decision and I've got to go. You shouldn't be disappointed that I'm leaving. Life is going on. I want to thank everyone who has supported me. Eventually the time to go was coming. My time has come. We'll try to make some new MMA stars."

Even though M-1's hacked website got some fans' hopes up for no reason, a fight between Emelianenko and Brock Lesnar is not happening.

Fedor was asked if that fight or any other fights with a big name opponent could possibly lure him out of retirement. Fedor was non-committal, but he did leave the door open, if even but ever so slightly.

"I'm not promising, but anything is possible," said Fedor.

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Seems like its hard for fighters to retire/stay retired when they feel as though they have something left. I won't be surprised at all if Fedor comes back Phone Post

I think M-1 hosting the fight would be more realistic then the UFC hosting this fight. TBH.

Im sure M-1 can offer Brock and Fedor enough money to make this fight happen. It would be gigantic in Russia. The American vs the Russian legend.

If Fedor's management team had any damn sense they would reach out to the UFC and make a deal. If I was them I would offer Fedor for a one fight deal. SUPERFIGHT. Whoever it may be. Let Fedor have his one UFC fight and then he can retire as a legit UFC fighter and get a nice last pay day. If those guys dont do that, they are a bunch of dummies.


Yeah, I don't understand why the article thinks this has to happen in the UFC. This could easily go down in another organization, Brock isn't required to sign with the UFC if he comes back to fighting. I doubt he wants to sign some five fight contract and would be more interested in a big payday single fight with a second tier promotion. Then (if) he beats Fedor, he can come back to the UFC negotiations and demand even bigger money if he is so inclined to keep fighting. But I doubt any of this will happen, Brock should stay retired if he is going to keep fighting like he has in his last two fights.

Brock has one more fight on his UFC contract. Is there a time restriction on that contract?

Russianorkhan - Hahahaha ur an ignorant one lmao.....do u think if m1 and friend/sponsor VLADIMIR PUTIN wanted this fight to happen to expand russian mma, they couldnt pay brock 5 mil??? Lmao....wow...if putin decided he wants this fight in russia he could tripple that offer without even thinking about it....$15 mil to putin is not what $15 mil to dana is.....lol @ comparing the finances of zuffa and m1 PUTIN

Wow. So Putin runs M1 now. Oppressing the country isn't enough for him I guess. I personally know people in the M1 org and when Fedor suffered his first loss it was quite a financial blow. No one in Russia or anywhere else in the universe is going to offer that kind of money for Brock or Fedor or both put together. Sweet Jesus.

lmao at this UG blog fail with 12 replies. who writes this shit?!

This is just fedors way of saying ill come back for the biggest payday in the history of the spott on my terms. He wont make deals, he will make demands and the ufc wont take kindly to it. In an ideal world id love to see it, but realistically this fight stays where it has the past couple of years - in imagination land Phone Post

Fedor would fucking DESTROY Brock.

Fedor via RNC in the First Round.

That fight would shatter PPV records. Brock would maul him though. No way Fedor handles the big guy.

Andy the man - Fedor would fucking DESTROY Brock.

Fedor via RNC in the First Round.

. Phone Post

Brock would demolish Fedor. I say this with respect as I think Fedor is arguably a more gifted fighter.

The thing is, Brock's size and strength would negate any technical advantage Fedor may or may not have. Phone Post

Got to happen! Because he still fucking has it. He could quite easily be the champion.

 I've always felt that a healthy Brock Lesnar systematically dismantles Fedor.  But Brock isn't healthy.  Seeing him a shell of himself against Overeem, no movement, tentative, etc., makes me wonder if Fedor might be able to win this fight.  Granted Fedor would have to come in at his absolute very best but why wouldn't he?  We would see the best Fedor since 2005 and it's a crap shoot on what Brock shows up.  But that at least makes this compelling to me as either guy could win.  Shame we'll never get to see it.  

Would of been the biggest fight in MMA history a few years ago.

But better late than never. I'd still pay to see it.

LOL at a easy victory for Fedor.

It's like the BigFoot fight didn't happen...... Phone Post

I mean if Cena can beat Brock, imagine what Fedor would do to him! Fedor vs The Rock is what the fans really want. Vince/Vadim make it happen! Phone Post

WatchinMMA - lmao at this UG blog fail with 12 replies. who writes this shit?!

 I did.

Overnight it got 16,627 views, and 24 replies. Now 25 :-) It will end up around 25k views and 50 replies, which is average. It is no "Pics you don't see a lot of" (187,114), but I do seven pieces a day, and seven over the weekend. It is not a fail; you can do the math, probably.


Any true MMA fan should want to see this fight.

The build alone would be something special.

A great platform for a legend like Fedor to retire on. Phone Post