Fedor Signed Pics Sale to Help Documentary Project

Looking for some help from the underground, our project is in need of some funds to cover a film shoot with Fedor the week of June 15th to help with our documentary film.  We are searching for support with signed photo purchases to cover some much needed expenses as well as possible sponsorships. Our documentary is looking deep into the lives and psyches of the best fighters we adore and watch on the grand stage. Including thematic scenes, multiple camera matrix style tutorials and footage of fighters, film shorts, and information never before seen and heard. For this film shoot we will cover parts of Fedors past that have been unknown with a sit down interview, follow him throughtout his week filming as well as an interview with his wife and more to capture the Fedor Emelianenko like never before. We are welcoming donations and possible sponsorships as well, thank you UGers for any support! 


Here is a glimpse of our first video shoot with Fedor Emelianenko:



Fedor Emelianenko Siging: Photo order to be placed this Monday June 8th. All photos up to 16x20 are $65 plus printing. I added $1 to print to cover express shipping from Adorama. Pay Pal Hquintero1980@gmail.com.
Please PM me your photo request or post in thread.


Link to Photos


Metallic Prints are as follows 

Matte Finish

Pen Colors:
Silver Recollections
Gold Sharpie
Black sharpie
Blue Deco
Red Deco


Thank you Mustard Tiger for posting vid

Cool with I'm in... How? Phone Post 3.0

Hey cagefanatic, pm me for details, easy as pie, thanks for the support!