Fedor vid!




You're the man. Thanks. I just realized that some of you may be disappointed by this vid as it is NOT a vid of his Lindland fight. But I have never seen this vid before (not sure why not) and thought it was pretty cool.

Man, he is like the Beatles in Japan. The only person to come close to that kind of recognition here in the U.S. would maybe be Tito or Chuck. I saw Chuck at Disneyland less than a year ago and only one other person recognized him while he was standing in line for food.

kostakio first I was then I watched the vid and how could anyone be disappointed with a vid with so much backstage/build up footage.

Yeah, I hear ya. Fedor seems like such a cool and down to Earth guy.

surprisingly, Tito is just like that with his fans. Who'd have guessed it.

NICE! That was a cool vid (no f'in metal either). Great buildup, great feel leading up to the actual fight.

Btw, who was the black guy he was sparring with before the fight? One of the Dutch guys he trained with?

Cue ArtVanderley with the hotlinked UFC intro...

He does seem like a good guy......

The music and the video style was like watching a porno.

Gathering that Tyrone is from the Vos gym? Thats Hoost's gym right? I have seen footage of Fedor training there for the CC fight.

That's not Igor, that's Roman Zentsov...and jesus christ, is that guy built!

He makes Fedor look like a shrimp.

^^ Correct. Roman is to Fedor's left while Igor V is on Fedor's right in the brown sweat suit. You van see his face at about 1:25

The question is what was Igor doing there ? Did he fly there w/ Fedor or help him get ready or was Igor already in Japan. I knew they spoke on the phone, but not that they trained.

Wow...amazing to see that video as a normal guy.

I mean you watch Fyodor train, you watch him hang out...He's so unassuming...you would never think

"That is the greatest fighter that ever lived"


Yeah, the song was definitely mellow and fluid.

hahaha true

Fedor almost got kicked off the plane for grabbing the ropes.

Are they training together? F'in cool if so.

Imagine if someone punk bumped into them and was like "what?" Fedor's probably so nice he would probably just say "excuse me" and keep on running.