Fedor Video - Monday in NYC - Road to Reckoning

Bluenamer please:

Cool too see Fedor interacting with his fans. Too bad the train owns him and drops all that snow on his head.

i saw jerry millens ugly surgery riddled face and shut it down

all i have to say to the thread starter is, "CAN YOU DIG IT?"

Jerry is no Dana White, but, I'm very excited for the event.

 lol at the bowl of apples and saying that dude is not staying with me at the end.

Oh it totally is a rip off, but Dan White invented the "video blog" as much he invented fighting...

dana white invented the internets you dumbshit

I thought Al Gore invented the internets? Now I'm confused.

Anyway I cant wait to see tomorrows video. Millen said it would have Fedor tko'ing the bell to open the stock market

 Supposedly the same time slot as The Best Damn Sports Show Period.

Fuck jerry millen

ttt for later.

He is full of crap about it supposedly being a "closed event" and "word leaking out."

Affliction put out a press release with Fedor's schedule.

Says 9pm here... but it's comcast? =\




 love fedor, not so much jerry millen.