Fedor VS Fedor

If they added Alexandre Fedor in the starting bracket, opposite of his brother...........

We would see a Fedor VS Fedor, in the Finals!

I would predict a Fedor victory :)

Fedor would lose you moron.

My point is that they would WRECK the rest of the field.

i thought Emelianenko was the last name of the family, so wouldnt it be emelianenko vs emelianenko , fedor would win anyway.

You are correct streetfighter

When I first saw this I thought what Streetfighter thought. Than I thought that it was SO OBVIOUS that maybe I am retarded, so I kept my mouth shut (actually I kept my fingers from typing, I lied).

Now, I realize I'm retarded anyways, but so isn't Smoking guns.

the younger bigger brother would win.

fedor is far more polished than his larger, younger brother

Alexander's conditioning isn't even close to his brother's, and his skills aren't, either. He's probably stronger, though.

In a year or two, I'd say Alexander. Right now though, its big bro Fedor all the way. Their games are nearly indentical, Fedor is just more polished and better at all facets.


I think Fedor would win.