Fedor vs. Lindland (SPOILER!)

Seriously, this is a spoiler, so don't scroll down if you don;t want to hear any results:



































Has anyone seen the Fedor fight? I see on Sherdog he wasted Lindland in the first round via armbar. Did Fedor toss Lindland around? WASSUP!?! I can't buy the PPV!!!!

Congrats Fedor!

They picked him because 2007 has been the year of the upset!



LMAO @ the morons who chose lindland to win.

I thought there was a chance that Lindland could win. He's the type of guy i just couldn't see being dominated and he rarely takes serious damage. I thought he'd at least make it a war. Boy, was i wrong. Fedor is just an unstoppable monster.

Fedor sure was bleeding bad, but I think Lindland's arm is broken now, that was nasty...Both guys brought it.

Lindland cut Fedor BAD with his first punch and was about to take him down when Fedor grabbed the ropes illegally and reversed it. From there it was just a matter of time til Fedor got the sub.

that rope grab by fedor was gay

Orcus is correct

Edited to say.......I stand corrected......rather Fedor's hand was on the ropes, but he didn't grab the rope to stop the takedown via uchimata

Lindland is pissed about the rope grab. Don't blame him, he had that takedown.

The start of the fight: Lindland hits Fedor with over hand right which opens up a cut. Clinches and gets full body lock and lifts Fedor off the ring. Everytime Matt starts a throw Fedor grabs onto the ropes. As Matt goes for throw Fedor grabs onto the ropes and reverses Matt with Fedor landing in half butterfly guard on top of Matt.


yup feel bad for lindland ...unfair but too late to do anything about it.he actually had fedor off the ground and was ready to slam him but the rope grabbing put a stop to that. i bet lindland misses the cage now

"i bet lindland misses the cage now"

Not much difference between the rope and cage when used to stop a takedown imo.

Just watched the fight... I'd be pretty pissed too if I was Lindland. I love Fedor but that takedown was totally Matt's and Fedor would not have been able to reverse it without illegally using the ropes. With Fedor cut bad, it would be really interesting to see what would've happened afterwards, had Matt gotten the takedown. I find alot of fighters are a bit apprehensive to come at Fedor, however, Matt was really trying to take it to him in this fight.

BTW, Matt's arm looked fucked after that fight... I think its broken.

Fedor out-grappled him pretty easily on the ground