Fedor vs Machida needs to happen

 Machida vs Shogun is ok but Machida will likely win that fight while sustaining little to no damage.

 Fedor vs Barnett is very interesting matchup that's been talked about for years. Fedor probably will win this fight after a fairly grueling three or four rounds.

But Fedor vs Machida is the fight I hope happens in the near future. Machida has shown amazing skills in all of his fights. How many total strikes has he even taken in his UFC fights??? I think he's as ready as anyone to fight Emelianenko. This fight would be a 100% chess match that could end at any second. Both are strategic in their gameplan, and both are complete fighters. I would lean towards Fedor against anybody, but this guy Machida is knocking on the door of greatness himself.

Btw, I know they fight for two dif orgs, and the "casual" fan doesn't know Fedor.  So fucking what