Fedor vs Rampage poster (pic)


I got Fedor

Cool poster. Vintage feel.

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I just want Fedor to stop fighting. He's my favorite fighter ever, easily. Unfortunately, Rampage probably touches his chin and he goes down. He has no business losing to these guys he's been losing to. He would have mauled Bader & Mitrione back in the day.... Why give them these bullshit wins over the GOAT on their records.

Rampage will drop him with a jab these days

I don't see this passing the 3 minute mark. Someone is going out. And it's sad instead of exciting!

But yep, I'll still watch and root for Fedor.

Fahqhard -

Finally a very easy win for Fedor.. rampage is so easy to hit. Fedor is going to best him in under 1 round .. I wish it was head kicks allowed

Nothing is an easy win for Fedor these days. He gets dropped and hurt by guys that have no business being competitive with him(at least prime Fedor).

Their pics are from 2002. 

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So at least 12 years too late? 


Real Muthaphuckkin G -

Their pics are from 2002. 

This.  Rampage's left tit is a bantamweight now.

They need to add their dad bods to the poster for accuracy 

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touch -

That pic is so old, Rampage using the chain to keep his gut IN now.

Rampage can still take a shot.  Fedor can't.   I really wish he'd retire.

That's going to be an awesome 1:30! 

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Rampage is going to knock Fedor out. Fedor was supposed to have retired a long time ago. The guy is destroying his legendary record adding losses late. He is no longer the great Fedor, he's a mere shell of his former self. 10 years ago Fedor wins by KO in what would have been a great fight. Nowadays it's more of a bar fight where the first guy who lands a punch wins, and I think Rampage has more left than Emelianenko. It's going to look like the Bader fight. 

EBD75 -

Rampage can still take a shot.  Fedor can't.   I really wish he'd retire.

This. Fedor might snap off like 4 of those casting punches he does, connect on all, and Rampage might still be able to eat em. But if Rampage touches his chin once, Fedor goes down. 

I got Rampage in this one, he still has a good chin an power if nothing else