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February, 12, during the Super Heavyweight Tournament the best mixed martial art fighter Fedor Emelianenko will compete a Brazilian fighter Antonio Silva.
It will be the first fight of the Russian fighter after his astonishing defeat by Fabricio Werdum on June 26, 2010. Never ever Emelianenko had lost to anybody.
Fedor: "Well, there is a kind of disappointment, because I see people about me are very upset." The "Vsje Vkljucheno" ("All-Inclusive") show went to Stary Oskol, a city where Emelianenko lives and trains. The coaching staff and Fedor himself told us about the preparation for the career-determining fight.
I have no special tactics of fight. That is I can't say whether I will attack or defend. Everything will depend on the situation and opponent's actions. Antonio Silva is rather a serious opponent. His every fight is marked with a knock-out...

ttt good stuff.

 It's so hard for me to fathom how he can accomplish what he has, have the fame and recognition he has, yet he keeps his humility and humbleness, which without his accomplishments are leaps and bounds above my own(humbleness).