Fedor VS Werdum

This could be a very dangerous bout for both combatants. Werdum could take Fedor where he never wants to be: on the receiving end of a ground war. Fedor could keep the Brazilian fighter on his feet and out of his realm.

interesting fight...Werdum has everything needed to pull an upset IMHO...

I hope Fedor via TKO round 3.

I dont see anything in Werdum's game that would give him any better chance at beating Fedor then Nogueria.

werdums top game...Minos top game is good...but...he seems to get reversed alot when on top....jmho

The guy who beats Fedor will need to be able to outwrestle him and have
great sub defence. Werdum vs Fedor will look like any of the Nog fights,
but Werdum hasn't proven his durability.

is this fight signed? werdum is with bodog too now? I heard Fedor is fighting Monson next...

Yeah, id like to see this too...Nog has earned his shot since CC is gone but id rather see Fedor/Werdum or Barnett first....

Werdum has a poor chance against him...I just don't see anybody beating him by pulling gaurd, which would IMO what he would end up doing.

If he's gonna fight a one dimensional fighter I would rather it be Hunt or Natsula...at least they can press his strengths rather than playing into them.