I'm not ready to give him the best fighter title yet. I see some things in his fights that have left some doubt. Kind of like when i looked back on nogs fights, or mark colemans. They looked unbeatable at times but now look. Same with sak. I think he is great and i am a fan. But how many fighters have we said "greatest, wow, who can beat them", and so on. I think that he needs to fight more than one fight a year to be the greatest, and needs to face the ufc champion. I have already made the mistake of thinking someone was the best fighter i had seen, and he lost twice. That being GSP. Say what you will but i think he will loose two fights by next summer.

Wood, I agree with your assesment that Fedor needs to maintain a higher level of activity to retain a #1 status, but at the same time do you really think he needs to compete in the UFC to achieve this? If (and its a big if) Bodog can round out their HW roster I don't see why he can't stay there and continue to dominate. Sure I would love to see him fight Randy, but do you really think Randy would maul or manhandle him? Keep in mind Randy is one of Fedor's idols in this sport and I really don't think Randy could bring enough to the table to really contend with Fedor at this point in his career. Sorry I love Randy and all but I just don't see it. As far as fighters losing fights, it will happen. GSP is a great guy and a freak of nature as far as athletic ability is concerned but he can and will lose some fights, that's part of the game. He'll get back to the top but how long that will take will depend on how hard Dana and Joe Silva want to make it for him. Fighting guys like Kos and BJ to get back to a title shot instead of Chris Lytle (a-la Matt Hughes) leaves you open to hitting another speed bump on your way back to the title. No disrespect to Lytle, he's a great guy but he doesn't have the explosive weapons that Kos does.

I'll leave it at the perception I have that the UFC doesn't want Georges to be on top of the devision at this point. I honestly believe that, and if he does get there again it just solidifies what a great fighter he is.

i think gsp is top of the game as far as what a mma fighter should be. and as far as fedor, im not ufc only guy, im just saying you have to fight the best from all over