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Thanks! I had never seen that clip, just read about it.

Strangely enough, I even think this loss makes him look even better than if he was undefeated. He's got one lousy loss, and it was from grazing cut like that.

I know it doesn't make sense, but so be it.

It was an incidental cut, just like Belfort's "Win" over Couture.

Damn it moose, there you go again... posting more videos! There is no room for something like this on the UG. ;)

^^^HAHAHAH! hangs head in shame

That thread got deleted... wierd.

This wasn't a loss. It should have been ruled no contest.

He beat this guy within a couple minutes (round 1) later.

"It was an illegal knee so technically he didnt lose."

Strange knee imo

Technically speaking it should in fact be a no contest, because the cut was caused by an illegal elbow.

However, because it was a tournament setting, one of them had to be declared the winner.

I didn't look like an elbow to me, Kakkarotto. It sure as shit wasn't a knee, Seemore. Did we all watch the same clip, or are some of you commenting from flawed memory?

It was an obvious high kick...

Looked like cheapo hard gloves did the damage to me. Very similar to Belfort vs. Couture.

"It was an obvious high kick..."

Agreed, looked like a high kick to me...

his rubber guard opened up the cut imo

Anyone see the rematch that was total annihilation It was just fuckin scary how he utterly monstered another HW MMA fighter.

I'd never seen that before, thanks again Moose!!!

^^^ Anytime FightFan!


I don't think that should be an NC. The guy threw a punch, Fedor moved his head and caught the tip of the elbow. Same difference as when GSP tried to slip Serra's punch and got hit in the back of the head IMO.

The highlight of the first clip for me is Fedor's complete non-reaction. He seems completely indifferent.

Is that the same tourney Hendo won?

Imagine if Fedor had continued on, he may have got noticed much earlier than he eventually did.