Feed Brenneman to Fitch?

I know the UFC usually matches up winning fighters together, and match up losing fighters, but fitch was (maybe still is) top tier in the division, and Charlie is looking for a higher profile win.

I hate wrestlef*ckers, and even though Charlie is trying to finish (he says), some part of me would like to see him get his own medicine shoved down his throat. And, for all those people who hate to see wrestling, it gives you a pee break, LOL!

Thoughts? Phone Post

Despite the loss I think Fitch will still get a high profile fight, possibly the loser of Condit/Diaz.

I can see him Brenneman getting matched against Erick Silva or Brian Ebersole.

Erick Silva would be a good matchup, I think he lays and prays Ebersole though.