Feed Hendricks to Lombard Next

I hope they make this fight next. I see Lombard winning this fight. Phone Post 3.0

I'm not sure who would win, but I'm in!

I like it Phone Post 3.0

RicoCutler - Lombard would wreck Hendricks. Lombard is like Lawler with better grappling.

However if they made that matchup then they wouldnt be able to make a trilogy fight with Lawler/Hendricks and thats the only reason Lawler got the decision in the first place is so they could set up a 3rd match.
You know nothing Phone Post 3.0

Lawler x Macdonald
Hendricks x Lombard

Hendricks vs MacDonald for me.
Condit vs Lombard Phone Post 3.0

In Phone Post 3.0

Just came here to post this. Would be an awesome fight.

I will sign this.

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This is a good matchup Lombard deserves.

Thats a great fight!

Set it up!!# Phone Post 3.0

SpecialGuest - Lawler x Macdonald
Hendricks x Lombard

This. Then the winners of each fight for title.

Lawler x Hendricks 3
Lawler x Lombard
Rory x Hendricks
Rory x Lombard

I wanna see all these (except Lawler Hendricks 3 but id understand)

Love to see hendricks vs Lombard around the time Rory vs lawler. Put it on same card Phone Post 3.0

So so in Phone Post 3.0

Lombard X Hendricks makes perfect sense right now.

When Lawler lost to Hendricks the first time, he needed to string together a couple of wins to get that re-match..

Macdonald is already guaranteed a title shot, so Lawler X Macdonald will be set ..

Make it happen Dana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Showweather!!! Phone Post 3.0