Feedback on Strongheart academy in AZ?

I'll be in AZ next week. Looking to get some training in while on vacation. Has anyone trained at this place? It's only 15min. from where I'll be staying. Just wanted to kinda get an idea of what this place is like before I drop on. Thanks! Phone Post

Right on DG. I'll be staying in the cave creek/ carefree area. So I'll look those up too. Thanks! Phone Post

I own and operate the Pedro Sauer Gracie Jiu Jitsu Association in Phoenix.

We are at the corner of 35th avenue and Union Hills. You are more than welcome to drop in.

To answer your question, Mike Martin is the head instructor over at StrongHeart. He is a cool guy and the few guys that I know over there are cool as well.


Thanks Val. Ill let you know for sure. Phone Post