Feedback: We just launched MMA Chat App for iOS,

Hi Guys :)!

I'm the Co-Founder for "MMA Chat for Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Fans." We just launched the app FREE yesterday on iOS:

We need some feedback and some testers on there. The app still has some bugs on it, but works.

The premise of the app is having real time group chats on anything MMA related. You can create your own chat rooms, or hop into any chat room. You can even create private rooms.

You can create a profile, follow others, and even direct message people online. We want people to network and make friends on our platform.

We have added "interests" which are like hashtags you can browse and tag your discussions in: BJJ, boxing, gear, mma, muay thai, ring girls, sports, ufc, wmma, wrestling

There are also goodies like earning karma points for joining discussions and engaging, and claiming rewards with your points.

That's it for now. If you have Android, sorry we are still working on it :/. And even if you cannot download please all feedback is welcome guys!

We are trying to build this for the MMA community. Looking forward to hearing from you guys!


ttt Phone Post 3.0

No android man?? Phone Post 3.0

I use a real time chatroom durring cards. Changes everything.

I will check it out if ever it comes in android flavor.

Sounds cool, I don't have iOS, so I'd wait for Android and/or a windows program if you can do that.

. Phone Post 3.0

Signed up, seems cool. But I saw something pretty fucked up brother, pm me and I'll try to respond with what I saw tomorrow at work.

Will continue to check it out! Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for all the feedback so far guys! We are working on the Android version!