Feeling discouraged...

I am feeling like an old fucking man right now. I am only 27 years old and for the past little while it seems like I am tweaking, pulling or otherwise injuring something everytime I go to the gym.

I competed for the first time two weeks ago even though I missed 2 weeks of training leading up to it due to a back injury which the Chiro has been helping with.

Just before and during the comp, I bent my big toe under the rest of my toes and it was hurting like hell. First class back after the comp, I make it through the warm up and we are doing some positional sparring and I get grapevined quickly and it felt like I was about to give birth my groin hurt so bad, class over.

I was out all last week with my toe and groin. I go back to class tonight and during the warmup, it was either backward rolls or the break falls, I tweak my shoulder. I think it was the breakfalls as I was doing them wrong but I started to feel it with the first backward roll which followed the breakfalls. I sat out for a minute and tried to keep my shoulder moving. Made it through a couple rounds of the guard passing drill and then on to positional sparring. During the positional sparring I feel that my shoulder is junk as I cant push from the bottom with one arm.

I am so mad right now because I really want to get good at this and time out of the gym is not the way to do it. I dont want to train hurt and risk making it alot worse as I have a job that I need to do when not in the gym.

Sorry for the FRAT.

welcome to training.....stick with it and your core strength will get better which will make it a lot better, however, i think you can pretty much always expect to have nagging injuries.

are you properly stretching and warming up??? and stretching AFTER workouts too?

I have had "turf toe" off and on for over five years along with a pretty
much constant stiff neck. Gotta live with certain things. It is depressing
thinking about back when you were 16-18 you never got sore or tired.
Now over 30 and everything hurts. Can't wait til 40....woohooo

i know how you feel dude, im always putting in the time and effort but
it doesnt seem like i am ever gonna get that belt promotion, ive been
constantly going to competions and winning and training through
dozens of injuries, but it doesnt seem to fucking matter. im pretty
discouraged right now too.

jiujitsuhunter, i know what youre say and it makes sense, i am honestly
twice as good as i was last year this time after training basically 5 days
a week for a year, but its still would be nice to get a little recognition.

motrin is your friend.

I'm 36 and wish I could be 27 again! Suck it up... :-)


Thanks for sharing guys, I knew I wasn't the only one. And I am taking your advice Elvis, just waiting to see the doc this afternoon ;-)

I second Elvis' opinion. I'm 36 as well, and lately I feel like something is ALWAYS injured on/in my body. However, as you get older, you'll be able to tolerate it more. You know what they say, "Pain is weakness leaving the body".

27? Shit man, wait till you hit your 30s. Then you'll see how things break down. Elvis has aged the correct.

warming up and taking time off when you need it is very important.