Feitosa No-gi videos??

Can someone give me a review of his No-gi videos? I have seen the gi ones and liked them. Just wondering how good the no-gi ones are and if I should order them?

I can briefly tell you whats on the Fietosa passing the guard no gi tape, the Feitsa guard tape, and the no gi counter techniques tape

Feitosa Passing the Guard No gi Tape
Move 1: Standing pass from closed guard (arm under leg)
Move 2: Standing pass from close guard (knee over)
Move 3: Embeccado (both hands under)
Move 4: no gi toreando (both hands grabbing ankles)
Move 5: another pass hard to describve
Move 6: another pass hard to describe
Move 7: combining passes depending on his response
Move 8: passing a no gi butterfly guard
Move 9: a 2nd really cool no gi butterfly guard pass
Move 10: passing half guard
Move 11: another way to pass half guard

Feitosa Guard Tape
Move 1: backsweep to mount (hip bump)
2: back sweep to kimura
3: back sweep to guilitine
4: backsweep to kimura (another variation)
5: butterfly guard sweep to mount
6: butterfly guard sweep using a kind of x-guard
7: another buttefly guard sweep to mount
8: butterfly guard move to triangle
9: butterfly guard sweep to guilitine from mount
10. buttefly guard to leg trip to mount
11. half guard sweep
12: half guard move to knee bar

The last no gi tape - counter techniques has moves as follows:
1. countering single leg to mount neck crank
2. coundering single another way
3. countering double leg to arm bar
4. counteringdouble to getting back
5. counteirng double to getting back to armbar
6. countering double to getting back to another armbar
7. guard sweep to armbar
8. uma plata
9. counteirng kimura to getting them in a straight armbar
10. footlock

I have them all but have only really extensively studied the gi tapes so its hard to give a complete review of the no gi. I like the gi ones a little better but I like gi better too! Very good tapes overall with the guard no gi tape probably giving a bit more info and cool set ups than the no guard guard passing tape. The guard no gi tape is heavily (6 moves out of 12) no gi butterfly guard, so if you are looking for a tape on that topic, this is it (with pretty cool, high % looking moves). As far as the Counter techniques (tape 6), I did not like this tape all that much and thought it was the worst of the 6 tapes. The first 6 moves (60% of the tape!) deal with countering wrestling takedowns and some of the moves seemed a little shaky - it would probably be better to get one of the many excellent wrestling videos (I recommend Jackson-Van Arnsdale series from groundfighter.com) if you are interested in this area. GOOD LUCK!!!!

Thanks, exactly what I was looking for.

No problem bio!