Felix Trinidad and Roy Jones Jr. ?

what set you from - you who got ?

work imo

why are these two fuckers fighting?  are they really that broke?

these are 2 of the guys i grew up watching and idolizing and got into boxing because of them. im watching because of that reason and nothing else

love RJJ

Trinidad by 'RJJ has slowed down to human speed with age and he can now be tagged'

RJJ should box Trinidad's ears off on the way to a lackluster decision.

easy pick RJJ

you dont need to be broke to fight, you cant turn down paydays my dude


I got Roy. At this stage in their careers Ill pick the better big man rather than the smaller man

"why are these two fuckers fighting? are they really that broke?"

Why are Sakuraba and Ken Shamrock still fighting? At least Jones and Trinidad will probably bank $5 million plus each, what Sak and Ken's excuse?

RJJ - too big, too strong.

Ray ,, Tito is one of my favorites but RJJ style beats Trinidad all day,,
Tito has shown his weekness is superior boxers i see Roy pop shotting his
way to a unanmimous decision. Roy didnt look that bad in his last fight
with Tarver & won a fight after that,, Tito's last performance against
Winky was awful he looked like a done fighter to me i know Winky makes
guys look bad but Tito had nothing left.

Why would a fighter past his prime take a fight that he doesn't need to?

Well, I think this line from Million Dollar Baby explains it.

"All fighters are pig-headed some way or another: some part of them
always thinks they know better than you about something. Truth is: even
if they're wrong, even if that one thing is going to be the ruin of them, if
you can beat that last bit out of them... they ain't fighters at all."