Fess up Shogun fans

Does anyone have horror stories of telling newer fans how Shogun was
going to destroy forest only to watch in disbelief as he was dismantled? I
personally told tons of my friends about shogun but most of them were
going for forest just because they knew him anyway. After the fights were
done, well I got an earful from a lot of people haha.

you should have to suck all of them off for your stupidity.

Ya how stupid of me to think the #1 LHW in the world would probably
beat a guy barely in the top 20. God I'm such a dumbass sometimes!

I was happy Forest won but I just didn't think he would or could.

yea, because GOD FORBID anyone rooted for shogun last night.

fuck all you people who rooted for shogun!! how DARE YOU. don't you know? you're not allowed to root for him. FESS UP NOW you sons of bitches!

let this be a lesson learned that you can NEVER root for anyone ever again. and if you do, and they end up losing, you might as well be ashamed of yourself and commit suicide in your bathtub.

shogun fans: HOW DARE YOU


Its just that TUF fighters are WAY better than anyone gives them credit for.

Spend 6 months in a super hostile environment that screws with you emotionally but also pushes you, tests you, and rounds you out, and you expect these HUMANS to somehow not be as capable as others HUMANS.

very stupid if you ask me.

TUF fighters are more prepared than the regular fighters because they have sacrificed even more so imo.

Quite the opposite actually. I spent the evening telling all the MMA dorks in the bar who spend too much time on sherdog that Forrest was way underrated and that his ground game was no joke. I was mostly snickered at.

weeks? I don't ahve cable. either way the point is the same.

These guys leave the TUF house mentally prepared for anything and with a competitive drive that is far greater than 99% of guys training.

TUF newbs...

Ha, I told my buddy that Shogun was ill and got him to watch the Countdown show. The next day he comes to me and goes, yeah, he looked like an animal but he's from Pride FC, weren't all of those blokes on steroids?

6 weeks my friend....and just because Pride didn't test for supplements doesn't mean every fighter took them. At the same time you the UFC cant test for HGH on a financially responsible level so that must then mean that ALL UFC fighters or American fighters are on that stack as well rt?!

"Yea, same shit happened to me THP...I had no excuses either...all I could
say is "Well, I don't know why he gassed...I've never seen him gas"
and sit there in ahhh....pissed"

Ya I figured only a few would actually admit it, but this shit happened with
me when I was telling them about CC too.

While I didn't tell people Forrest was going to get killed I was stunned at the way the fight went. Shogun going for take downs? And gassing in the second round? This is a guy that used to steamroll through ten minute rounds, how does he get tired in five minute rounds?

I knew it was over the moment his hands dropped in the second round and Forrest was still looking fresh and eager.

ttt for sopme kind of performance enhancing product....Bwahahahahahah

Crocop and Shogun both. Tell people at work how CC is gonna kick GG head off only to be completely incorrect.

I was bragging about Shogun to my wife before the fight.....luckily she fell
asleep and didn't see his (lack of) performance.

Ya man I was telling everyone to watch out for CC when he came and he
got dominated by Gabe Gonzaga... My friends think I am retarded