FF interview with Dustin Johnson

The Fight Factory will be hosting a Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts event at the Lamar Dixson Expo center on June 26th.  Doors open at 5 and fights start at 6. The Fight Factory caught up with Dustin Johnson.


FF: Dustin thanks for coming out to the Fight Factory


DJ: Thanks its great to be here.


FF: Tell us about yourself Dustin.


DJ: I'm 20 years old and a resident of Baton Rouge. I've been competing in martial arts since 10 years old, I started out in Tang Soo Do, and then I went on to Kung Fu. I got into kickboxing when I was 14, and  I started learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu when I turned 16. I wasn't as dedicated to BJJ as I was to kickboxing, so my training has really been focused around my stand up technique. I am 15-1 as an amateur and 1-1 in no hold barred competitions. I currently train with Team Valhalla, (Keith Strickland; Anthony Ross) and my friend Kyle Bradley has been a training partner of mine for years. Recently I have been training with Rich Clementi and Team Voodoo to further sharpen my skills.


FF: Tell us your side of the controversy with Russell Jones.


DJ: Basically, I stopped training with Russell a little after my 18th birthday. Things weren't going the way I felt they should, so I left. I took 6 months off and I recently started training again with my friend Kyle Bradley and with team Valhalla and with Team Voodoo. About one month ago there was a show in Walker, LA and Russell got in the ring and claimed I talked trash about him, which surprised me because I've never said a bad thing about the guy. I have encouraged many people to go to his school. He basically trashed me in front of the entire crowd, so I challenged him to fight at the Fight Factory. He never really accepted my challenge and just left the ring. I spoke to one of his students and told him if he wants to do it then he would step in the ring. A little later Mike Gordon contacted me about fighting Russell on June 26th. The fight almost didn't happen because he couldn't agree to the fight format 10 2 minute rounds, he wanted 10 3 minute rounds which wasn't the agreement, He then agreed to the 2 min rounds only without the leg kicks. After a lot of negotiation he agreed to the rules and the fight purse. And this is how we got to where we are now.


FF: Do you feel training under the Muay Thai rules will give you an advantage over    Russell who primarily fights under the American rules?


DJ: Absolutely, the times we did spar Muay Thai I handed Russell his ass to him. He can't take a leg kick. His clinch isn't as good as mine; my trainers have taught me a better style of kickboxing, an I feel that everything about Muay Thai is to my advantage. Russell depends on snappy high flying kicks. You can't leave yourself open in Muay Thai, you can't be flashy, because Muay Thai is all about brutality. The style is about simplicity and precision. A flashy kick boxer will get knocked out by a seasoned Muay Thai practitioner. I feel he will have the disadvantage.


FF: Russell says being his former student you will be very predictable and it will be an easy fight for him. How do you feel about these comments?


DJ: I think he is dead wrong, last time Russell sparred with me, I was a 17 year old kid. I am now 20 and I have developed greatly in my kickboxing. I have learned a vast amount of new techniques and I possess a whole new arsenal in the ring. You can't teach an old dog new trick and Russell will be the one who will be predictable.


FF: What are you expecting from your opponent?


DJ: I feel he will try to close the distance and box, he doesn't want to trade leg kicks with me. He is afraid of me injuring his legs, he is going to utilize his boxing, but I'm prepared to trade hands with him. I am ready for anything Russell brings to the ring.


FF: Russell has said on numerous occasions that he has never been knocked out and has only lost to world champions; he feels you will be a weak opponent. How do you feel about the validity of his statements?


DJ: I don't buy it, I don't know if its true or not that he has never been knocked out. As far as him being knocked out I've never seen him compete much and neither has anyone else. He claims he has only lost to world champions, but I've never heard of him competing outside of the southern U.S. As far as me being a weak opponent, I don't know what he is thinking, but I can definitely take a shot. Kyle Bradley has power, Rich Clementi has power, Kenny Stevens has power, and Russell doesn't compare to them, and I feel that it won't be a problem going toe to toe with him.


FF: How feel going into the match?


DJ: Incredible! My cardio is the best it has ever been; my technique is sharp and clean. My overall attitude is great and I'm ready to get it on


FF: What can the fans expect to see?


DJ: Expect to see a lot of action, I never like my fight to go to the judges hands, I am constantly looking to end the fight. I'm looking to find the opening and capitalize. Expect to see a young man beat the veteran!


FF: Is anyone you would like to thank?


DJ: I would like to thank SPRAWL for their support, Team Valhalla and Team Voodoo for helping me with my training. And I really would like to thank my Grandmother for being my biggest supporter throughout my career and Fong's Chinese restraint for the sponsorship they have been a great supporter with my chosen career. I have a good group of friends and training partners and I feel I am very blessed with that.

TTT for me!!!!

ttt for DUSTIN!!!!!!!

"(Dustin Johnson) has some of the cleanest Muay Thai I have ever seen. He puts it together in the cage better than some top level pros I have seen"- Rich Clementi in the gym one day talking about the matchup.


good interview. sounds like jones is a real ass.

You really did an awesome job with these interviews Gabe. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me.