FF interview with Kyle Bradley

FF: Kyle good to see you again.


KB: Good to be here!


FF: You've been quite busy tell us what's been going on?


FF: I have been really focusing on boxing lately, I am really eager to make my pro boxing debut. I have been competing in Extreme kickboxing in Atlanta and I currently have a 2-0. I recently fought in the FFC in a rematch against Melvin Guillard. Mainly I've been focusing on my boxing.



FF: So you're fighting Jamie Varner at the fight factory what do you know about him?


KB: He is a very good wrestler; he is a young guy who trains with a very tough team out in Arizona. I feel he will look to take the fight to the ground and utilize a ground and pound strategy or work a submission. I don't feel he has fought anyone with good stand up like mine. I haven't really gotten a chance to showcase my stand up in MMA yet, but Rich Clementi is a great trainer and has really sharpened up my skills both standing and on the ground.



FF: How long have you been involved with NHB?


KB: Actually MMA I have been competing for 2 years. I competed heavily in the amateur boxing before that. So I have a few years in the fight game under my belt.



FF: Are you looking to make MMA a career?


KB: If you ask any little league player if he wants to play pro baseball he will say yes. I have nothing holding me back right now and I'm looking to take MMA to the next level, if it works out great and if not I will go into something else.


FF: How have you prepared for this fight?


KB: All the normal conditioning and I got back into the weight room to add some strength. I've really concentrated on my stand up game; we specifically worked some strategy to counter his ground game.


FF: What are you expecting from Jamie Varner?


KB: I expect him to come out hard and go hard the entire fight. I know he's tough, but I'm really eager to see how skilled he is. I know he won't hold anything back for this fight, but I am ready for it. I've trained hard and I am ready for this fight.


FF: How are feeling going into this match?


KB: I feel great, I really got my conditioning back up, when I fought Melvin Guillard I had been sick for two weeks, so this time I really got my cardio where I want it, and my stand up has been really explosive.



FF: Anyone you want to Thank?


KB: My trainer Rich Clementi and team voodoo for helping me get ready for this fight and also Dustin Johnson and my training partners in Baton Rouge. And I would also like SPRAWL for all their support.


FF: Thank you for taking time out with us


KB: No problem!


Go kyle Go!!!!


The Fight Factory will be hosting a Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts event at the Lamar Dixson Expo center on June 26th. Doors open at 5 and fights start at 6.

The Fight Factory will be hosting a Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts event at the Lamar Dixson Expo center on June 26th. Doors open at 5 and fights start at 6.



TTT and See you tonight.

good luck ninja

Kenny Florian is a Bjj Black belt


Florian is a Black belt, and THE grappling Phenom in New England.

Good luck Kyle

kyle is one of the baddest guys i know. i think he has a very good chance of winning. also win or loose he will get the attention of the promoters out west.

I personally think Florian is a different animal... but we will know for sure in a few short weeks.


Good luck tonight Kyle