FFA on TV this Saturday!

Undefeated FFA fighter Ariel "El Pantera" Gandulla will be on TV this Saturday!

Ariel is doing a comedy sketch on "Sabado Gigante" on Univision this Saturday at 8pm eastern time. Sabado Gigante is a spanish show. It is the longest running show in the history of TV and has a HUGE fanbase across the USA and all over Central and South America - with millions of people watching every Saturday!

Ariel Gandulla shortly before securing the TKO

The show is about a man who cheated on his wife and is being punished by having to fight in the ring with Ariel for three minutes! :)

It is going to be a funny show! If you miss it, don't worry, I am going to tape it and put it online. I'll post afterwards with a link. Thank you!


Marcos Avellan


This may not mean much to those who don't know the show, but this seriously could be among the best exposure an MMA fighter has gotten recently, ESPN included, if they actually introduce him and the sport by name it would be great.

Congratulations Marcos and Ariel!

Elias, thank you very much! We are very excited about it, Ariel came out great and he was very well promoted in the piece. It was a comedic piece but it was a great opportunity to showcase one of our top fighters.

cp31, Kimbo's training is going great! You guys will see the result when he fights Mercer! ;)

Don Francisco by Omaplata...

Oh my god say it ain't so....please!!! This is definitely the begining of the end for MMA. I have no doubt. Dios mio...que pena.


shame i wont be able to see....or understand...i cant speak spanish. Hola Mo fo's!!

Has Ariel recovered fully from our spill from the cage Marcos?

No problem Dawley, I'll email you a link once I upload the episode :)

Ariel's lawyer doesn't want us to talk about it but thanks for asking :)