FFC 9 - May 14th (FCF 1/2 page AD)

Jorge isn't fight on May 14th...is he?

No. But it's a teaser for what is coming on FFC 10 in Sept.

kewl; that's my b-day weekend, too.


Had me worried, as he is going to be here (Columbus, OH) on May 15th doing a seminar!

No worries now, but in September it is going to be a great fight!!!

FFC looks like a great event. Hopefully I can make it in September.

ttt for the FFC!

its going to be a great show.


when is DOUBLE THE DAMAGE coming out?

Badbreed, please email me at bogart6868@aol.com

within 30 days on DOUBLE THE DAMAGE


Spencer Fisher is my boy and a great fighter. The fans at the FFC will love watching him fight.....Joe Jordan

Is Melvin Guillard gonna be on that card??

Carlo is awsome, but has slipped as of late. Look for him to step up and go all out!!!

Don't get me wrong TRJ, I think the world of Carlo, I just meant record wise.

I agree completely!! Carlo is an awsome competitor!! He proved it to me me he beat my friend Melvin Guillard!!