FFC IX PPV tonight!

Ever since watching one of their DVD's I've been a big fan of the FFC. Cool show in an awesome venue!

I know they did a live broadcast for their last show. Did anyone watch it? How did it go and how was the quality?

They have the live PPV tonight at 8PM EST over the Internet for $9.95.

Thanks Johnny.

this is going to be an awesome show. i'd recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the sport.


1 1/2 hour tape delay. The venue is having bandwidth limitation issues. The entire event will be available an hour and a half following the event.

Each PPV order will be 5 views. It will also have the ability to fast forward and reverse through the fights, so you can watch the same fight several times without having to watch it beginning to end each time.


It will be on badbreed.tv not dataflix

WTH? I saved this link earlier today and just went and paid to view the event ... then, I come here to see what's up because the event was not playing on DataFlix. So it's now not even going to be shown on DataFlix? I just paid to view it there, and now I will have to get it off of BadBreed.com instead, and not Dataflix? Hell, I'm fuggin confused ... let me know what to do now.

ttt Man, I am totally disappointed.

No dataflix orders will be charged. It's out of our control, we have enough bandwidth at the venue to upload the encoded event to our servers, but not enough to provide a live multicast. Sorry for any troubles.

The EXTREME positive side is it will be at a higher frame rate (better quality) and it will be for 5 views instead on one like the normal live webcast.

It less than an hour after the event and anytime after that...

Now that's the attitude!! It will be off the hook!

The first fight is starting right now

Both are Amatuers Calvin Martin Jr. of Joe Ancona vs. Eric Meyers of Slydell, LA one fo Rich Clementi's fighters.

Already worth watching...

does anyones shit say run time error or what?


He's still out!! They say Jarreett is okay, but he's still down.

It's not available yet, that could be the problem.

Doctors are checking him out. This was a ROCKY KNOCKOUT from the friggin' movies!