When and Where is the next Freestyle Fighting Championship event going to be held. I've heard conflict information. Please help.

March 5th at the Grand Casino in Tunica, Mississippi. (Its about 20 minutes from Memphis.)
We are holding an eight man 155lb tournament.

Lee, this is Joker. I e-mailed Rob about getting FFC IX, he said he would send it, that was March 13th. Can you hook a Joker up?

No way Joker! Just kidding. Call me

I dont have your #!!! My e-mail is therealjoker@txucom.net

Get Santino Defranco in the 8 man tournament please!!!!!!!!!!


Please contact me at carlao@americantopteam.com


e-mail me or call.

Rob Braniff


put santino in we would like to see him again

hell, put jake short in too

right on, interested in hearing what the card will be

I don't remember, is that an mma event or k-1 style event?

I could be wrong but I believe Jake is in!

elmo, its mma.

Here is the card as of right now:

Jake Short
Melvin Guilliard
Darrell Smith
Roger Huerta
Shannon Smith
Steve Kinnison

Mark Colangelo (out due to injury)

More news on the 2 spots to come soon.

Get Dennis Davis or Ryan Schultz in that tourney!

I will definitely try and make that one!

i think shannon smith is going to be overpowered in the tournament (in light of his match with a 145lb Becks). he does have the skill though to upset a favorite. huerta has amassed a really impressive record and i'm looking forward to seeing him. kinnison is really tough and of course guillard and short have already proven themselves in the ffc.

Cool, I haven't seen Kinnison fight in a long time.