fibular collateral ligament

started after kicking the heavy bag hard  with no warm up and after a long lay off
my knee feels unstable and  painful
got better after a few weeks of stretching

than i hit the excercise bike for 30 minutes and woke up that night in excruciating pain
back to the same pain i felt in the beginning

my meniscus may also have issues
i have been feeling some acute pain in the front of the knee, iunder the knee cap

started doing a hot cold treatment with ice and a hot water bottle

should i get a knee brace? what else can i do

an MRI doesnt fit in the picture right now financially

any help would be appreicated

i can roll the fcl over the outside of my knee a little

also have had off and on again issues with my iliotibial band, but stretching seems to do the trick with that


 anyone think glucosamine chondroitin might be a good idea?

I doubt that will help. Can't hurt, though.

Impossible to say what kind of damage you may have. Might be minor, but could be serious. An MRI would be ideal. Have you had any kind of exam (medical, chiro, PT)? There are other ways to evaluate for ligament tears and other possible damage when an MRI isn't available.

Keep icing it, but don't count solely upon rest to do the trick. If there's a ligament tear, you want to address it ASAP to prevent it becoming a long term performance issue.

Good luck!
Jason Erickson

Is it swelling bad? If it isn't...I don't recommend heat and I would make an appointment with an ortho surgeon to evaluate it. In a lot of cases ortho can determine what's wrong by doing a series of tests on the knee. MRI is typically preferred if there's swelling issues or tense feelings in the knee (harder to manipulate it to see whats wrong).

Ever wonder why whenever a player in football gets hurt the medics sprint out to him? It's not because they're working on their 50-yard dash, it's because at that point no swelling will have set in and they can properly evaluate the damages. Give it 20-30 min after that and you're likely to wait 2 weeks before your knee would be able to be diagnosed without an MRI.

In short just ice it and keep it moving so long as there's no swelling. Make an appointment with ortho.

 well no swelling. i saw my family dr and he said rest and ice. didnt want to order an mri because he didnt htink we needed one yet. it is feeling better and i have been walking 20 min a day on the treadmill as well as stretching regularly. i appreciate the feedback

 fucking ligament still can roll over outside of my knee

not sure ice and rest will put it back in place?????? am i going to need surgery??

Too soon to tell. Keep walking and moving it. You might ask your MD for a PT referral. A good PT could tell you more about what to do (or avoid), and probably give a better idea of long-term prognosis.

Jason Erickson

 postereolateral ligament may be a mroe accurate term for this

so maybe i need to see a phys therapist and see what they think? good advice. thk u jason

 looking at that pic i dont even see how it could roll over my knee..... i have no fucking idea what ligament it is.

Nice pic from Gray's Anatomy. Good book, that.

Do you know for certain it's a ligament, or are you just guessing? Either way, see a good PT and get a proper evaluation so you can approach treatment with a clear idea of the problem.

Good luck!

Jason Erickson

 just guessing. my woman is a massage therapist and knows a shitload about anatomy. i think the fucking thing might be detached ???? i have no idea all i know is it is not good. seeing a pt on tuesday for a consultation

 good news, just my iliotibial band. i jacked it up for several reasons. not the ligament. man that was scary cause i am a a broke bastard...

thx for the feed back guys

Very good news! Your girlfriend may be able to help you with that!

Happy healing!