fighers today can't compete

with the champs from ufc's golden days. Sure all these muscle bound, monkey rhesus growth hormone cry babies might whoop a Royce or two. But for overall fan entertainment the earlier UFC's had it all. Whether it was Ken the "King of Leg Locks" Shamrock battling Royce in part two of their epic battle. Or Ken taking on Dan Severn part 3, which Severn himself admited was one of the greatest chess matches in the history of the game. Oleg v Ken also deserves honorable mention! We should scrap some of this current crap being fed to us and have an old timers UFC, bring Back Delucia, JoeSonDoe, Ernie Verdecia, these were real men with a real agenda. To fight to the death. tyfyt

Ken and Severn only fought twice.
You might get some people to bite on this thread but it's not a great attempt. Pretty obvious.

there needs to be no round limits, or at least extend the rounds to 5 x 5min - no judges decisions.

this will quickly expose fighters as either A) exciting, or B) boring.

heck, put heavier gloves on them, and stand them up constantly.

better yet, make it muay thai and call it UFC.

pretty obvious that I'm totally f@ckin right!

Oleg was a force.

ttt for joe son


"pretty obvious that I'm totally f@ckin right!"


My favorite part about the old days was when Royce would tap a guy with an armbar, and the referee AND the announcers wouldn't understand why the guy was tapping.

From the early UFC's it's easy to see that SAFTA was and still is the most dangerous martial art.

Watch the Delucia fight with royce. The ref taps Royce very gingerly on the back to ask him to let go of the Armbar.
It's insane.