Fight clip great KO

The fight is about 16 minutes long and has a great KOone clip is for dialup one for Broadband the third is a highlight clip I started playin withFIGHT broadbandFIGHT dialupHi Lite clipPlease give me feedback on the fight as I have a bunh up on my site and will be adding more over the course of the next couple monthsThanksPhil DunlapAdvanced Fighting

awsome fight but I am confused . Did they allow that guy to continue fighting after he was KTFO and carried back to his corner?


Yea they let him continue he has 60 seconds to wake up and be ready

"60 seconds to wake up and be ready"

That's hilarious.....although I'm sure this rule has killed many people.

LOL @ "he has 60 seconds to wake up and be ready"

fun to watch

You would be surprised how many times the first guy knocked out comes back to win

Thanks for sharing, Phil.

That was kind of booty.... I dont want to hear some fake karate sound everytime someone gets hit... Leave that shit for movies.