Fight of the year at UFC 50.

Franklin Rivera. Awesome fight lots of back and forth action. That fight alone was worth the price of admission.

Couldn't believe Rich's face during that fight. The whole thing was damn exciting.

Hughes fight was better imo. But both fights were great!

There were a number of very exciting fights tonight. St.Pierre was looking fantastic against Hughes until he got caught with that arm bar. Franklin/Jorge was an absolute war. Props to Franklin for pulling it out at the end. Salaverry showed that he belongs back in the mix.

I thought Trigg-Charuto was awesome.

i felt it was the most boring fight of the evening. standing clinching is boring to me.

Good fight, but not close to fight of the year IMO

Not a bad fight. I would hav liked to see more tools used but an ok fight.

Hughes v St Pierre was the fight of the night. Salaverry was impressive!

great fight... interesting clinch work

too much clinching

it would have sucked if not for the armbar in the end

Franklin said he earned his keep tonight while standing next to BJM and he was right.

yeah... I say too much clinching too. Should have been separated more often to resume action.