Fight pass quality worse on App than on laptop?

So I hooked my laptop up to my TV via HDMI and it played just fine in 720p. I needed to do some work on it so I hooked my Samsung Android tablet up to my tv via HDMI and the quality is not near as good even on "high" quality. Is there a way to get the app to play in 720p or 1080p?

Also, any word on a Playstation Fight Pass App? Phone Post 3.0

A couple of different users have had similar issues but honestly for me the quality is perfect. Always clear hd. Just check you have video quality set to high in the settings and whilst streaming if you touch the screen you should get a video quality option on the bottom right corner. I use fight pass on galaxy s4 and nexus 10 if you were wondering. Phone Post 3.0

I would bet $100 that you get a stronger wifi signal on your laptop than you do on your tablet, making the quality of the stream worse.