FIght/Sponsor Charity Show in Patchogue, Oct 24th

Want to fight October 24th?
Kickboxing, sub grappling, full contact karate, boxing. This event will be a bajillion times better than a dancing bear on a unicycle, just saying.

Fight or attend, part of proceeds go to get rid of Essential Thrombocytosis, a disease my cousin was diagnosed with. $35 a ticket. We give away lots of gym/training memberships, gift certificates, etc.

Fighters will be taken care of as I try to secure goodies for you all; supplements, gym memberships, equipment, gift certificates, etc.
If you can donate anything as a business or would like to sponsor a match/set up a booth message me at jamesfunaro@

Patchogue, NY BTW. On Long Island

Ah what the hell boys help me out!

Last time I guess, no luck here

James, shoot me an email. I think I can help you with your giveaways.

 TTT for my hometown...

Date is moved to Nov 7th as of now, sent that email Bryan thanks.

 TTT Carmen St and  S. Ocean!!!!!

CJ??? Who is this HYBRID JON?

 Jon Weidler

the last one was good. it's worth the ride out to the burbs.